Locked Down Beats: Artistic pursuits during the pandemic (Event Video)

Pandemic has been a challenging time for all of us. On this note, we have made a humble attempt at gathering perspective from three wonderful artists from Pakistan and India about the creation of art during Pandemic and on their musical journeys and artistic endeavours. https://youtu.be/r2BZmsjw9Bc

Power on the Plate: Demystifying The Politics of Food (Event Video)

There is a way power flows through the food which land up on our plates. This power is channelized through and shaped by communities and commodities. This politics of food becomes evident when we try to locate 'local' or 'ethnic' foods in this capitalist and globalising world.  In order to understand these negotiations of food... Continue Reading →


If you ask me what is true bliss, moreover, if you insist that I must give a specific answer, then I’ll point out to an “individual moment” from a YouTube video created by Justin West and Alex Rivera. It’s a tribute to American singer Frank Ocean’s Blonde; visualized with motion images borrowed from some of... Continue Reading →

We are done with the first event (Power On the Plate: Demystifying the Politics of Food) under our Virtual Talk Series, where we explored the politics of food. And now, we are bringing to your screens another interesting event within the Field of Arts (make a guess from the poster!) Stay tuned for more information!


Strength - a fairy tale: One person knocks At our fragile window, I do not move. The next knock is a fusillade. My children sit In different rooms Under the beds, Telling each other Stories from the news. Their little mouths saturated with dirges, recited like nursery rhymes.   I sit to birth another poem-... Continue Reading →

The Arrival of Spring

Spring arrives, unexpectedly beckoning separation, A ‘fainting Robin’ is startled, She promises to keep preserved - In ageing petals, their pigments weakening and edges ripped. Their fragrance wafting In a dilapidated home, A nest weaved with poppies And shed feathers Now her alone, Perhaps not. Occasionally she finds Moss and herbs That had been softly... Continue Reading →

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