By Rohith Nathan

To be lost is a feeling I am trying to understand
Is it because I miss home?
I can hardly try to see or is it possible that I can?
Suddenly I feel I don’t want this anymore
And suddenly I feel its not me that I am
Is it this thing called anomie? Does it happen to everyone
When they are away from their clan ?
I want a hug, I want to feel that I belong. But lost I feel
Marx say’s it signs of alienation. Anomie? Really? Oh damn!
I don’t know what I am doing, or why the doing
Distanced by these capitalists. I’m engulfed by this sham
Does he say how to reverse the symptoms?
Or do I wait for the big bang?

If he does, I don’t know how to.
Now I know how honeybees feel
When the product of their labour is taken away
And they are left with nothing, not even a meal
Do we own their honey? No we don’t
But to us it isn’t a big deal
What if the honey bees could talk?
A revolution? … To the gallows, without appeal

Is it just me? Or are we turning insensitive?
Don’t we need more than an equal society?
Why can’t we smile as we let nature live?
What’s the use of all this piety?
When from our hearts we pause to give?


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