A festival of Colours

Towards the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna comes to the region. It is time for wonderful fragrance, through a colorful banner. There is a pleasant wind blowing over the centaur Hotel. The haunted heart melts; the crowd forgets the guilt and remorse which has accumulated and heart feels fearless.. Who knew Festival of colors will be greeted with the same fervor in all beautiful parts of the world, who knew colours will cross all boundaries.

Breaking down the notion of religious boundaries and creating one religious ambience towards humanity. They shout and enjoy.All the betrayals, jealousy and hypocrisy they come to destroy. They lose strictness of social structures. They don’t care for age, sex, status, and caste further. Their way to see Holi closes the wide gaps between social classes. They bring Hindus, Muslims, Christians together. Together, the rich and poor, Women and men, they enjoy each other’s presence. They are here in an atmosphere full of joy and excitement.

They do care nothing, Myth along with Radha -Krisna, Shiva- Parvati, unharmed Prahlad and burning of Holika does with them bathing. Only Bhang, colorful pranks and powders play role. At last nothing left.. But they take a bunch of inspiration and see an endless bonding and youthful passion.

(Forkan, 1:28 pm, 11/3/2012, The Hotel centaur)


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