तारा टूटा और आ गिरा माँ की गोद में
उसकी किल्कारियों ने बनाया मकान को घर
उसे बड़ा होता देख माँ ने दुबारा जिया अपना यौवन
उसकी आँखों की चमक ने पिता को दिए नित नए सपने
फिर एक दिन विदा कर दिया एक अजनबी के साथ…..
क्योंकि वो एक बेटी थी…..

– वनश्री कुर्वेती

Vanshree Kurveti is a student of International Relations at South Asian University

picture url: http://www.baby-pictures.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/Cute-Baby-Girl-with-Cute-Cat-480×360.jpg



  1. I strongly believe that poetry must necessarily be written in a language one must be most comfortable with or in a language with which one is infatuated with or has a passion over. But still, I have no idea what they poems says!! Can anyone give a summary of it in English? We need to try and do this as a matter of routine so that non-English poetry on Rickshaw might be read by a larger group of people. May be this should be a project for the summer: to get everything published in Hindi, Bengali etc into basic English.

    • Respected Sir,
      I agree with you. The english translation of the poem follows-
      “a star broke and falls in the mother’s lap
      her squeal made house the home
      watching her growing up, mother once again lived her youth
      the shine of her eyes always gave new dreams to the father
      and one day sent her with an stranger………..
      …………….because she was a daughter

      • Thanks Vanshree. It is subtle and nuanced. At some point, I must ask someone to read it to me in Hindi so I could get a sense of the sound. Good work and keep it up.

  2. Felt glad to know that Vanshree Kurveti also writes poetry. I have always believed that poems are one of the best methods of human expression. Writing poetry is not everyone’s cup of tea. This poem is no doubt a good one about plight of women who have to go away with ‘ajnabi’. Good poetry please keep it up, keep on expressing ………….

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