by Devika Mittal

Life is on its toes

And so are you in the rat race…

You are busy

There is work everywhere

A mountain of pending work…

You are busy…terribly busy

But one moment u give up

You give up everything…

And u begin to ponder

You reflect on the course of things

On how your life has become so busy

How there is work everywhere you see…

How everything is just so demanding…

You look around and you see faces

Whether happy or sad, they all look blank and fake.

Everywhere you look, it’s all blank

You feel a void inside…

Everything seems meaningless

It all seems blank

Everything around you seems to be moving

Everything except you but you feel that you are being forced to move along…

You feel like resisting…

You don’t want to move.

You don’t know what you want to do…

You don’t know.

And you find solace in this…

You find peace in this…

In knowing nothing…

The void keeps on growing,

You close your eyes and find peace.

And then suddenly you realize that you have work…

And you get back to work. 

picture url: http://bolstablog.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/silhouette-of-man-sitting-in-empty-darkened-room-suffering.jpg?w=300&h=240



  1. well, i doubt if there are really much of work-free weekends. But the poem is really not about particular days. It is about a time when we just want to give up. When we really need a break..

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