Hopes and dreams related to south Asian university

by Suraj Ghimire, Applied Mathematics

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Chinese philosopher Laozi

“The beginning is the most important part of the world”-  Plato

 And even for me, arriving south Asian university for msc applied mathematics was a first step taken on the horizon. Not only the beginning of my career, but also of my hope, dream of revolution and my destination.

It is horizon because it seemed like dream. In fact, till some years back it was a dream. After the most successful academic year in class ten, some unshared reason and unexpected hurdles lead life travel through miserable phases where having further studies was a distant dream, forget my dream of having PhD in mathematics.

Anyway, life had something preserved for me and I didn’t look back once I restarted my studies. After the successful completion of BSc in Mumbai where I had won heart of numerous teachers and many friends, I arrived in the capital city. The excitement of joining international university was at the peak while those lesson learnt from past still vivid in mind as fresh as morning dew. So few years ago what seemed an impossible event is the new sunrise, the beginning of new hopes and dreams through South Asian University.

Although being a teacher has always been my aim, my ultimate dream is to work among the people and serve for need and their development of mankind irrespective of the socio-economic, linguistic, regionalism and religious boundaries. Dreams that I wish to fulfilled through teaching and literature. So regarding the lifetime of having PHd in maths, I got here MSc in applied mathematics, the first step to my journey of thousand miles.  Moreover as writing has always been my passion, I wanted to have a view of multi-ethnic culture, life style and different thoughts. Fortunately what I am getting here is not only multi-ethnicity of a country but the entire culture of south Asia.

South Asian University being an international university has depth of not only exceptional syllabus found in south Asia, but it is also with a enlighten vision that will surely change the future of sub-continent in coming years. More ever, nowhere in entire south Asia, student will get view of united diversified culture in an institution. So, being friends with those people, sharing thoughts and views, enjoying in their culture and expressing them about my beautiful country, all these being extended part of my dream is what I have loved in these two months though the complete list goes on and on. Therefore joining south Asian university as my post-graduate college is the decision I shall be cheering throughout my life.

My dream is to give an impact in people’s thought. So the best way to reach people is to be lecturer where I can influence them. Lecturer will always people from wider area than of any other normal people. This dream of revolution is all about the thoughts towards success, brotherhood relationship and communal harmony. The fear of failure has killed many students while school droppers are always entangled with darkness and unskilled life which needs to be eliminated from mentality in child itself. The steps to progress give the assurance of new morning but they are far beyond the reach of some community. These small and small limitations of society won’t vanish unless we personally go and rub the nightmare of the backward society. Yeah, people may question here that in this under-developed subcontinent, it might not be possible for a single person to be succeeded even in his entire lifetime. But then I have an answer. I am not desperate in solving the problems of entire community at a same time, I am just focused in reaching few needy and inspire some other few who can keep this chain going on and motivate few others. If these initial steps turn successful, the harvesting season won’t be too long either. This is either through my literature or teaching which I am learning directly and indirectly from south Asian university

Yeah, as a student of south Asian university, I hope this university plays the premier role in shaping the education in south-Asia. More than all, the university should take steps and conduct programs that establishes brotherhood within the people beyond borders so that all together can learn the problems of south-Asia and interested one could work to nullify roots of problems. What the university already has is talented and enthusiastic mind which should be motivated towards the direction of excellence. They should be brought together to understand the need of brotherhood despite the heated misunderstanding between the countries. So this hope and vision can be long term plan which will surely work in future. Simultaneously, the guidance to research and producing successful scientist may change the future of sub-continent in coming days in many of the ways.

But we all know talent doesn’t come only in rich family, talent doesn’t come only with person talented from primary or secondary level of education. Sometime self-realization of student can lead to exploring of talents in later phase, the examples are few of world renowned scientist who were dumb, some expelled from school or college have went on to be the great achiever of the world. So I hope our university won’t sideline any talent candidate just because of their past academic records but they will be enriched with re-energized talent who will work in their future collecting experience of their past failures. Let education provided in this university be untouched by poverty of south-asia. In those moments where supporting families’ economic condition is most-needed, studying masters by paying huge amount of fees is next to impossible. So a healthy scholarship must be provided to needy one. University should think in all of these.

We all have our dreams and hopes related to university; let’s hope South Asian University will help explore most of them to show the new morning in this continent



  1. thank u sociology team for arranging competition…
    and i am happy that i somewhere could manage to send article by the last moment…

    there are something i wanted to add but couldnt add because of word limit… adding them in below comments…

  2. south asian university as symbol and mascot of south asia, we all would have loved (especially another form of me as aspirant writer) wish to see a new department of literature department and that is my hope from university …

    here,we can collect literatures from 8 different country… and if possible we can translate the literature in english so that hidden literatures of south asia can be explore in the whole world…

    this will help in publicity of our local writers also…
    lets not forget, paulo cohelo writes only in portuguese/spanish but his books are famous world wide…

    so, if our motto is south asia, its the high need of time to start MA in literatures too…
    and collection of literatures from south asia is also needed so that students from other department can enjoy the literature..


    • Thank you Manoj for your visit..
      yeah, i wanted to include the idea of literature in main essay itself, but lack of space and lack of time.. so had to write outside…..

      thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Suraj, i enjoyed reading your contribution. I respect the sentiments you have shared with the readers. Good luck!

    • Ankur Sir,
      its so nice of you to read, comment and appreciate my writing..
      it means a lot to me 🙂
      wish to share more in coming days too, regards

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