Poem: Memories in Making

by Aatina Malik, Sociology

Memories in making                                                

Sounds calling, when did they ever cease   

mesmerized, I strolled, holding my bunch of keys…

Doors confused me, happily I entered though

fingers crossed, in solace wishing to grow…

Literature bombardment in a blink of an eye

grins at you, as you heavily sigh!

Like that stretch of sky with stars amidst

the platter appears good, but only a myth.

Be it a cake walk, or a herculean task

It’s just one shell, and in its glory we bask

Moments of laughter galore, and tears on the pane

 recall old memories, try comprehending the new game…

Heart tickles at dreams’ bewildered gaze

and supplements it, the mysterious air of the place …

Hardly does one know, and self takes a back seat

the bonds grow strong, the feeling of oneness seeps…

A month in here and it has many names

caged feel some, others learning to tame…

‘Good’ or ‘not good’ , I shall not give in to tagging

now when I know it’s a part of my being…    

 ~ Aatina Malik


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