Poem: My Dreams

by Md. Atiqur Rehman, Msc. Computer Science

Every day when the sun kisses the dark night,
My eyes are really used to declare a fight.
They start uttering, “Though I’m a little shy,
Let me just look at you in the blue eye
By the lakeside with its warmest air
You run your fingers throughout my hair….
Into your blue eyes I quietly stare
A little kiss just follows then and there
To grab you tight I bend a little low
And I came to know, you’re my own pillow!!!!!

Then the sun came and starts to scream
“It’s morning my friend, time for you to dream.”
I start dreaming then with my eyes open
Of a day we are one people of one land when.
A day when no one can divide us and rule.
A day when we are all brothers and sisters of one nation.
A day when our Mothers are free of worry.
A day of peace, kindness, equality and justice for all.

I will keep dreaming even if the world says not to…
I know my dreams will give you things that your reality can’t do….. “”



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