Announcement: Sociology fest in JMC



proudly presents 

“CARPE DIeM 2012”

(29th October 2012)  

THEME: Lights, Camera, Sociology!


9:00 a.m.- Talk by Prof. Leela Samson

TOPIC – ‘ Certification in India – The challenges’

10:45 a.m- 12:30 p.m-De Coupage:Screening of movie clippings at MPH
This event includes screening of clippings from different movies followed by a discussion on the sociological aspect of the same. Participants are required to use their sociological learning to express their opinions on different dimensions of the clippings. The clippings will be upto 5 minutes long followed by a 10 minute discussion for each clipping.

1. Each team must consist of two members.
2. A college may send only one entry for the event.

10:45 a.m- 12:30 p.m- Koffee with Karl: Quiz, at the Hall
A team shall consist of a maximum of two participants. Each college may send upto two teams for the event. The decision of the quizmaster shall be final and binding. The participants will not be allowed to use their phones or any other electronic device for the duration of the quiz. It will have three rounds and the questions will be in the form of MCQ, True or False and direct Q and A.

12:30 p.m.- 1:15 p.m- Shutterbug Sociology: Photography Competition at MPH
Participants are invited to showcase their talent in photography through this event. It has two sub-events, the on-the-spot competition and an open competition. The theme for the on-the-spot event will be given at the time of registration. The entries for the open competition should be inspired by the broader theme of Lights,Camera,Sociology! This is an individual event.

1:15 p.m- 2:00 p.m- Lunch Break ( A performance by JMC – Street play)

2:10 p.m- 3:30 p.m.-Treasure Hunt: Quest for Cinelogy on JMC campus
This event is a regular treasure hunt for which the clues will be hidden all over the JMC Campus. The clues will be related to cinema and sociology. Each college may send upto 4 teams consisting of a minimum of 2 people. The registrations for this event close at 11:30 am on the day of Carpe Diem.

2:10 p.m. -3:10 p.m.- Sociological Imagination: Ad Mad at the Amphitheatre
The participants are required to use posters,taglines and jingles to sell their product.
The product will be given on the spot.Each team will be given 40 minutes to prepare their act. Only one team is required per college with a maximum of 5 people. It is imperative for each member of this team to perform in the final act.
3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m- Prize Distribution at MPH


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