by Slok Gyawali

Let us go, you and I,
peering through lives
as I have them peer through mine.
Let us see who else sits finger coiled;
here this while and gone this instance

Will they ever know me?
Will they buy the tales I might spin?
Or exposed by pictures of unshaven faces
and unmatched neckties will they know,
like I know those judging fingers clicking decline.

Shall I? Shall I not?
say a few words, on record, for posterity.
Uninterested by replies and giggles.
Shall I? Shall I not? Spew my passion
into google pages filled with ignored anger.

Animals die and people die like animals.
And I care. I join and share and click and protest,
the stubborn world refuses to change.
What does it take to wake up?
Today, and tomorrow and every day after that.

I can already hear them say “he’s too forward” or
“He’s creepy” in judging voices.
Rolling dices of romance not in my favor.
Onwards I go exploring
the long halls of solitude,
And there was a time when I would touch and feel.
Not today, not now.

Slok Gyawali is in the first year in post graduate program of International Relations at South Asian University. 


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