Lanaga77The World against My World:

Dated: 22nd Jan, 2014


Why is it that my brother can get away with almost everything he does, just because he’s a guy? And why is it that when I ask permission for similar things, most of the times, I am turned down with a firm ‘No’ on ground of safety? Why is the society only safe for men and unsafe for women? Why are we so bogged down by the chains of patriarchy, still? How long will it take for us to break these chains and emancipate ourselves? If I want to go out neither my parents nor I should have to think ten times before doing so.  I have been wondering over the years there have been quite a few movements fighting for women’s rights and their emancipation. They have all been fighting for better rights, liberties & opportunities for women. Thousands have given up their precious lives for such noble causes but when I look at the conditions of women in today’s society I feel that we are still looking at decades of struggle. The other day I was standing with my friend, on the busy roads of Calcutta, when a man grabbed her from the back and walked past her like nothing really serious happened. I went after him caught hold of him and did not let him go unless he apologised to her sincerely. He did that only because she was smoking which probably makes it ok for him to touch her the wrong way, because she is ‘that type of a girl’.  I want to strive towards a better society, where women won’t have to think even twice before stepping out of their house at any time of the day, where women won’t be stereotyped based on their actions, where women won’t have to face domestic violence and still feel obliged to take care of their husbands, where marital rape should be considered an equally gruesome act, where little girls won’t be sold out by their own fathers in lieu of money, where parents won’t flinch at the news of a girl child entering their world, where small girls are not compelled into prostitution out of poverty. I want to strive towards a better society, an educated society, a sensitive society and most importantly a safe society. I want it for myself, my friends and the future generation.



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