One sleepless night and me

8th January 2013, 9.10 p.m


It was light winter night. Plane that was supposed to reach in Shahjalal International Airport (Dhk) was an hour late, as the flight was delayed from Kolkata. Suddenly I noticed that the mobile sim which will connected me to my family who were waiting for me expired its validity. As it was the second day of continuous 72 hours blockade of roads, railways, river ways called by main opposition party and their allied group Jamaat-e-islami as one of their Islamist leader ‘Kader Mollah’s” execution was supposed to be declared on that night. My mind was aroused with a mixed feeling of dread and reverence.


                     I was supposed to contact my parents after reaching but was helpless to make that on the other hand I was very excited about the execution of Kader Mollah who was convicted for crime against humanity during 1971 War of Independence. His capital punishment was a matter of my interest because it was him which make me to join the protest in Shahbagh, I took part on march, attended the rallies which was organized after the verdict was announced on the demand of hanging Rajakars like him. Meanwhile I have managed to contact my parents. The distance of airport from my house was only 1.5-2 km. When we were moving towards our home I found some changes, it was tough for me to recognize my Dhaka city. Most of the public transport’s body was bearing signs of brutality- maximum window glasses were broken even some of them was slightly burned. There was hidden fear and tension in people’s face. What is going to be held tonight? What will happen if that happened? Such questions were roaming in peoples mind. There that night was supposed to be the night of glory for after 42 years nation is going to be free from the infamy that finally we are going to treat them in a worthy way. Surprisingly the situation was different. Narrow political interest and lack of awareness led us to that moment.


            After coming back to my home I devoured the amrita of my mother’s hand and sat before television to hear the verdict. I repeatedly tried to capture the excitement and enchantment in my father’s face who is a freedom fighter of liberation war. I failed to discern whether that is that happiness is of a father whose daughter has returned home after couple of months or a contented freedom fighter who was long waited for that day. Media telecasted breaking news which was heartbreaking too that chief justice adjourned the hearing till tomorrow 11.00 am. I went to bed with a depressed mind. I noticed with wonder that I am passing hour and hour but failed to sleep though I was in a state of drowsiness and definitely sure about that once I get my bed that night i will compensate all the sleepless night that I have spent in Delhi.


 My mind start flashbacking from the past it was month of February 2013, It was my birthday week, on 5th February when the International Crime Tribunal sentenced a renown Rajakar Abdul kader mollah to lifetime imprisonment. Peoples resentment burst out spontaneously cause nation was waiting for proper judgment of the war criminals as his sentence was too light comparing his crime such as series of killing in mirpur(area of Dhaka), kidnapping, massacres and raping and so on. I joined Shahbagh without thinking twice when I got a call from my heart. It was one of the rarest moment of my life sitting down in the middle of the busiest street of Dhaka city which joins four important points of Dhaka. I went there repeatedly; one day my parents sister joined with me. I can still remember the day when I shouted slogans and lots of country songs along with my father though I have very horrible voice to sing. The protest continued for couple of months and I had to manage time to join after my office time. Though some people have tried to manipulate the movement, some even accused Shahbagh movement to be a political card, but as a participant of Shahbagh I found it was a movement of people, movement of youth, movement of freedom fighter, movement of victims who lost their everything in 1971. The outcome of demonstration put pressure on government to amend the International Crime Tribunal Acts. Law revisit if there was any point of scape for criminal?


..……..When I fell asleep can’t remember. I woke up late in the morning with a dejected mind that I might missed the event to see live news on their verdict but unfortunately we had to wait for a couple of days and finally on 12th December 2013, Bangladesh executed this war criminal. I am a part of that generation which did not see the War of liberation but can feel the esteem. History revisited and we got the opportunity to make a new history and became part of it.



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