I Was Scared

It was the month of May; our final exams were going to start within a week. Everyone was busy with their studies. I still remember the newly established campus with its garden and fountains. It was so calm and peaceful to sit there during our spare time. That fountain looked more beautiful during the afternoon. In the afternoon almost all students would run to the green grass to sit and relax. That day we were in our routine class lecture. Suddenly I heard some shouts and heavy noises coming from the corridors. All of my class mates including I stopped listening to the lecture and tried to make sense of those voices. Meanwhile, the boys from my class stood up and walked out from the class. The teacher tried to steer us back towards her lecture. But we were all asking each other, what was going on? Was it a fight between some-one? A sudden silence appeared in the corridor and we tried to pay attention to our lecture again. We had hardly listened for two minutes, when we heard the noises again, and this time some male students opened our door and told us to stop this lecture and leave the classes.

“No one will teach and no one will take classes, otherwise we know how to deal with them”, an angry and trembling voice came from the corridor and once again disappeared. I tried to ask the teacher what was going on, and she explained that students were fighting outside and it is not new here. I was shocked, because it was a new thing for me and probably for a few other students who came from far off places to the University. Concerned for our safety; our teacher left us and told us to be care full while going out.

The moment we go out, me and my friend tried to run towards the computer lab. We almost reached the door when a group of students passed by shouting slogans against each other. Their normally pale faces were now red because of anger and they had stopped looking like students altogether. I tried to approach the lab, but the guard stopped me by saying that, it is locked from inside to stop these people from destroying everything.  I asked my friend to run somewhere; but the moment we put a few steps forward, another group of students appeared in front of the conference hall. They were using extremely bad language for each other. What we saw; just left us in shock- they started fighting in the garden, where few minutes ago everything was clam and green. Now there were only students, with stones in their hands, some holding sticks, and breaking all those newly planted trees and beating each other. The rest of students were standing  around the corridors . After sometime I saw some students holding their head, blood flowing, their clothes torn, their hair mixed with blood and dust. I was still trying to come to terms that a bloody fight had changed everything in few seconds. Those students were taken to the police station, probably for further inquiry. What I learnt here is that it was sectarian violence between two groups. It was even more shocking when further investigation revealed that these students were friends and class fellows. There had not been a very big reason for that fight- a teacher had told something in favour of one sect, and others got angry. Hence whatever reason was there, it not only destroyed the existing environment of the institution but also the images of those students. Me and my friend rushed to the university buses, but the students had blocked all the routes. The entire day they never let us go home, nor were our families given space to pick us. After some negotiation with a few students, they  agreed to let only the female students go home. When our buses moved on its way, another group of students started throwing stones on our bus. I was standing just at the entrance of the bus door, when a stone hit the left side glass just beside me. Thank God none of us got any serious injury. I reached home in the evening with a frightened and shivering mind. I got the news on the next day that the university had been closed for two months now and our exams postponed. Today the situation still exists and I am wondering why we are fighting for no reason. Who is responsible? Family, Society, Religion or someone else…

By: Fatima Parveen


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