Jatra ’14


An invitation to JATRA ‘14

We, the students of the Sociology department at South Asian University, cordially invite you to ‘Jatra 2014’, our first ever cultural festival being organized on the 18th of October 2014 in the college premises at Akbar Bhawan, Chanakyapuri. In keeping with the spirit of our university that places a strong emphasis on a shared South Asian culture, this festival has been planned around the theme of ‘Seeking Pan-South Asianness’. ‘Jatra’ is intended to expose students to new vistas and further foster the multicultural environment we have at SAU. The very word ‘Jatra’, literally implying a popular form of entertainment prevalent across much of the subcontinent, is indicative of the spirit in which this day-long event is being organized. Please find attached a list of events and rules regarding participation, timings, etc. While borders on maps have proven difficult to erase, let us all break boundaries that exist in our minds and embark on this journey towards a pan- South Asia.

We invite you to join us in beginning this journey with enthusiasm and fervour.

Jatra ‘14
  1. No.
Time Description of the Event Venue Prizes Person to contact
(1) 10 am Inauguration by the President, SAU FSI hall
(2) 10.15 am Remarks by The Dean, FSS FSI hall
(3) ‘Through the lens’

Photography Competition

Theme: In my city

The Participants will be asked to send their pictures four days prior to the festival.

  • The best pictures out of these entries will be carefully shortlisted and exhibited in the reception throughout the fest.
  • Pathak will judge the entries.
Lobby (on easels) First Prize

Rs. 1000/-

Second prize

Rs. 750/-


Debjani Chakraborty


(4) 10.30-11.30 pm  

 Theme: Possibility of a VISA-free South Asia

  • Each participant will be allowed to choose one of the eight SAARC nations (on first come first serve basis).
  • Each country will have a team of 2 members.
  • This would be followed by on the spot debates between the candidates on the topic given to them.
  • Soumita Basu will judge the event.
       FSI Hall Best team Rs. 1000

Runner-up team

Rs. 750/-

Nikhaar Gogna


Refreshment break

(a street play on awareness)

Lobby/Foyer —-
(5) 12- 1 pm  

“How Much Do You Know?”

A quiz on South Asia.

  • An audio-visual quiz on South Asia: This would essentially include questions on film, drama, music, literature, art, dance, etc. in the region.
  • Candidates can participate individually or in teams of two.
  • The teams will be selected on the basis of a preliminary written selection round.
FSI Hall First Prize

Rs. 1000/-

Second prize

Rs. 750/-

Avanti Chhatre


(6) 3-4 pm

‘Swirl the Brush’ 

Graffiti Designing Competition

Theme: ‘South Asia 2050’

  • participants will create a visual representation of what they perceive of the theme
  • ­­Dr. Dev Pathak will judge the event
Lawn area

First Prize

Rs. 1000/-

Second prize

Rs. 750/-

Fatima Parveen


(7)    3-4 pm “Ad-Mad”

Topics to be given on-the-spot

  • Teams consisting of up to 5 members will be given topics on the spot.
  • They will be given 30 minutes to prepare an advertisement on the theme allotted.
  • They will be provided with canvas and spray paints.

Kumud Bansali and Krishna Pandey can judge the event.

First Prize

Rs. 1000/-

Second prize

Rs. 750/-

Utsha Mitra


5 pm Refreshments Lobby/Foyer
(8) 6 pm onwards Prize distribution and

Cultural Night




(9) 11 am -5 pm Blood Connect :

Blood Donation Drive

Lawn area



(10) 11am

-9 pm

“South Asian Food Festival”

A one of its kind food festival with stalls representing different cuisine culture of the subcontinent.


Rashmi Sheila



Note: The participants are requested to study the rules and regulations for the various events given below. The decision of the Judges appointed for the different events shall be final.

  • General guidelines:
  • Rules for the Photography competition:
  1. The participants must carry their valid identity cards.
  2. The candidates must register prior to the event as well as on the morning of the fest. They must contact the respective event heads at least 4 days prior to the event. Registration starts from 14th October 2014.
  3. The participation certificates and the prizes will be distributed in the evening, right before the cultural night.

Theme: In My City

  1. The choice of the theme will be left on the participants to decide (e.g. religion, ritual, market).
  2. Minimum resolution of the pictures should be1280x720.
  3. The pictures must be in JPG format.
  4. The participants should send their entries by email latest by 14th October to janichakraborty@gmail.com).
  5. The photographs must be accompanied by suitable captions. No abstract of the pictures is required.
  6. The participants will be judged on the criteria of the coherence of the relationship between their ideas and their pictures.
  • Rules for the Model SAARC

Theme: The possibility of a visa Free South Asia

  1. Each of the eight participating teams will be given 4 minutes for expressing their ideas and views on the theme.
  2. The floor will then be opened for a roughly twenty minute long discussion among the members of the various teams.
  3.  Each of the eight SAARC countries will have a team comprising of two participants.
  4. The candidates will be given the preference for choosing the country of their choice on first come first serve basis. Registrations will open from 14th of October through mail (nikhaargogna@gmail.com) and through phone (Nikhaar Gogna 9818995401)
  5. The participants will be judged according to the criteria of the coherence of their thoughts on the theme, representing their respective countries, and the manner in which they respond to the views of the other teams.
  • Rules for the Graffiti Designing Competition

Theme: South Asia 2050

  1. The candidates will be provided with canvas and spray paints.
  2. Participation must be on an individual basis.
  3. They will be given an hour to design the graffiti according to their conception of the theme.
  4. Marks will be allotted on the basis of clarity of design and the clarity of expression of the theme.

Registrations will open from 14th of October through mail (fatima.shimshal@gmail.com) and through phone (Fatima Parveen 08826973001)


  • Rules forHow Much Do You Know’?

Theme: South Asia

  1. One to two participants per team will be allowed to take part in the quiz.
  2. Those who qualify the written preliminary round comprising of question answers will be shortlisted for the next round.
  3.  They will be quizzed by showing audio visual clips as well as by asking a series of questions on the theme.
  4. The participants will not be given any marks for passing a question to the other team.
  5. Bonus marks will be awarded for answering the question passed by the previous team correctly.
  6. Negative marking will be done for answering a question wrongly.
  7. Each team will not be given more than a minute to respond to the question asked.
  8. Registrations will open from 14th of October through mail (avantichhatre07@gmail.com) and through phone (Avanti Chhatre 9711128990)
  • Rules for Ad-Mad
    1. Teams consisting of up to five members can participate in the competition.
    2. They will be given objects to sell and they will have to formulate an advertisement for the object allotted to them on the spot.
    3. Each ad should have a jingle, which can be in Hindi and/or English.
    4. Each advertisement should last for not more than 3 minutes.
    5. They will be given 20 minutes to prepare on the spot.
    6. The criteria of evaluation include how convincingly the participants can sell their products, how funny the ad is and how catchy the jingle is. There will be negative marking for exceeding the time limit or the use of foul language.
    7. Registrations will open from 14th of October through mail (utsha92@gmail.com) and through phone (Utsha Mitra 09833328559)

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