“Inaugural South Asian University Jatra Cultural Festival a Success”

Inaugural South Asian University Jatra Cultural Festival a Success   

Srimal Fernando 

Jatra 2014’ the  first ever cultural festival of South Asian University (SAU)   organised   by the Department of Sociology  has been hailed as  an overwhelming success  by the organisers . The festival took place  on 18th of October 2014 at the University  premises at Akbar Bhawan, Chanakyapuri in New Delhi .

Dance Performance by Bangladeshi Students

The very word ‘Jatra’, literally implying a popular form of entertainment  is prevailing  across much of the subcontinent.  In keeping with the spirit of the  University  that places a strong emphasis on a shared South Asian culture, this festival has been planned around the theme of ‘Seeking Pan-South Asianness’.

Model show by the Students of Afghanistan 
  Sri Lankan  students Stall 

“South Asian Food Festival”  stalls representing different cuisine culture of the subcontinent.
 How Much Do You Know?”A quiz on South Asia- Indian Team representing the quiz

The ‘ Jatra’ cultural festival   gave exposure to  students to new vistas and further fostered  the multicultural environment present within the University. The Jatra   cultural Festival staged more than five events over the weekend highlighting a wide variety of themes such as South Asian food festival , a quiz on South Asia, graffiti designing competition, blood donation drive , photography competition and exhibition and cultural night.The Jatra 2014 Cultural Festival  was attended by a number of academics, students and diplomats.

  High Lights of the  Jatra  Festival  

Photographed By Srimal Fernando
 Displaying DSCF0350.JPG
 Remarks by the Dean ,FSS Professor Sasanka Perera
Displaying DSCF0351.JPG
REMARKS BY Dr .Ankur Datta

Displaying DSCF0349.JPG

Distinguished academics from the the Department of Sociology

Students attend Jatra 2014 Inauguration

‘Through the lens’ Photography Competition  

Theme In my City 

Displaying DSCF0362.JPG

Dr  Dev N Pathak  at the photographic exhibition

“South Asian Food Festival”

Displaying DSCF0473.JPG

Displaying DSCF0475.JPG

Blood Donation Drive

 Indian  Theatre  group performing at  the Blood Donation Drive

Cultural Night

 Diplomats  from the High Commission of Sri Lanka in New Delhi

A quiz on South Asia and MODEL SAARC –Theme: Possibility of a VISA-free South Asia

Jatra 2014’ – Festival Book Sale


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