Experiences and Expectations From South Asian University-Mostafa Hosain

A university stands for humanism, for tolerance, for reasons, for the adventure of idea and for the search of truth. It stands for the onward march of the human race towards ever higher objectives. If the universities discharge their duties adequately, then it is well with the national and the people.      – Jawaharlal Nehru

South Asian University was established for the purpose of providing excellent education to the students and researchers of SAARC nations. The academic function was started in 2010. This year, the University is going to complete its first five years journey. It is high time to look back in order to go towards a better future. The distinct nature of the formation of the university amazed the world and motivated us to have a better, stronger regional identity. The artificial man made borders in South Asia obstructed us from sharing ourselves with each other. Our culture, history, identity and individuality have been divided and deprived us from sharing our glorious history.

This university embedded the seeds of implementing all such dreams into reality. With that hope and prospect, like all other students of this university, I took admission here in 2011 in the LL.M. programme and again continued the PhD programme in 2013 onwards.My little observation and small understanding provoke me to write something because of my attachment since last four years as being part of this family. I think that following issues are required to be taken into account. If the purpose of the university is to attract meritorious students and dedicated researchers, there is no alternative to have a lucrative scholarship policy. It is very significant for the concerned authority to understand the economic problems of students and researchers. Secondly, the expansion of disciplines will prompt to achieve the purpose of the institution.


A centre for studying the history of South Asia is a demanding. Foreign students are having difficulty from the first day of their task with the university. Difficulties are attached in payment of admission test fees, admission and registration fees, getting visa, starting academic year in the university with uncertainty of getting scholarship, getting scholarship or financial aid after some months and having problems in getting bank account for some countries’ students are some of the concern.
South Asian University is the only platform to live in South Asia where one can have a life with all SAARC friends. It was my dream in school days to live in South Asia when I studied history of South Asia. Therefore, expectation for a standard excellent institution is the basic demands of South Asians. We have the same hope and belief as Rabindranath Tagore had that civilization will again emerge from this part of the world as the sun rises here early. Hopefully, this institution will play pivotal role and make us proud.

Mostafa Hosain Research Scholar Faculty Of Legal Studies South Asian University


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