Poet -Prakash Subedi

Who is he?
I asked.
A crazy fellow.
They said.
A crazy fellow?
I asked.
Yes, a poor harmless crazy fellow.
They said.
He is so funny, you know.
He always talks to himself, all alone.
They said.
He talks about the winds and the clouds.
He talks about the mountains and the flowers.
He is so funny.
He doesn’t know what is going around him.
But he talks about the stars, moon and the sun.
Does he talk about you?
I asked.
Oh, yes.
He does.
He often talks about us, you and people
Is there anything he doesn’t talk about?
I finally asked.
They said:
Yes, there is something he never talks about.
Poor guy.
He never talks about himself.

Prakash Subedi is a Nepalese poet and writer 


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