Bounded By Rajashree Chowdhury

Two shinning eyes dreamed of freedom,
Until they were forced to wear the colour of darkness…
One hand held a bundle of blank papers and another a stick of graphite
Until one day two papers of symbol were matched with each other….
For the sake of a heavenly bond, a belief not bound,
A heart of hopes walked on the unpaved roads of innocence
Until one day it was taught to sit in front of the heating pots…
The hair played with the air like a careless soul,
Until it was captivated with a red line in between….
The dream has been snatched away,
Freedom rests at bay.
Life has been bound up,
With the sacred rites.
Footsteps don’t rush anymore,
The heart only speaks the words being taught.
The dawn now accompanies the burden of tiredness,
And the night now ends on a bed of torture.

Rajashree Chowdhury, Bachelor Student, Department of Sociology, Hindu College


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