The Masters batches of academic session 2013-15 were given a farewell by their juniors on 1st of May 2015 in a colorful manner.farewell

Photo Exhibition

On 28th April, the dept of sociology unveiled a photo exhibition by Raghu Rai in the main exhibition hall. Titled “Depicting Hope and Despair through photography:Refugees in India”, the photographs reveal the condition of migrants in the refugee camps and colonies in the localities of Delhi and Chennai.raghu rai

Conference on Gender and Security 


A two days international conference on Gender, Conflict and Security : Perspectives from south Asia had organized by Department of International Relations, South Asian University in collaboration with UN Women. Scholar from within and beyond the region have participated in this conference on 23-24th April 2015.

Conference on Development Economics

Conference-Economics-Slider-1024x332Former Prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh inaugurated “South Asian Economic Development: The Way Forward” on 9th April 2015. It was organized by the Faculty of Economics, South Asian University in honour of its founding President late Prof. GK Chadha. Delegates from various countries of South Asia attended the conference. While more than 350 papers were submitted for the conference, only 24 of them were finally selected for presentation at the conference. ‘The imagination of SAU needs to transcend the confines of parochial nationalism to produce the cosmopolitanism of ideas, to examine the distinct history, cultures and tradition of SAARC nation‘, Dr. Singh said.

Cinema and Society: Series on ‘Cinemas of South Asia’

It began with the Bangladeshi film ‘Matir Moina’ (The Clay Bird) and was followed by  ‘Avargal’, ‘Television’, ‘East is East’, ‘claybird2Born into Brothels’. It also had a special event in collaboration with IAWRT (International Association of Women in Radio and Television), where three documentary films were screened.

The last screening was ‘Sailab Nama-Kashmir Calling ‘in association with Sociology Seminar Series.

Sociology Seminar Series

Sociology seminar series had begin in 18th February on “Imagining a just disability politics: lessons from John Rawls’s theory of justice” by Hemachandran Karah, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies. Then it follows lecture by Preeti Sampat, Delhi School of Economics on Unsettled Terrains of Legality, Contested Arenas of the State: The Making of the Special Economic Zones Act 2005 , by Nida Kirmani,

Lahore University of Management Sciences on Life in a ‘No-go Area’: Experiences of Marginalisation and Resistance in Lyari, Karachi, by Rohit Negi, Ambedkar University Delhi on “Rethinking Africa in the “Asian Century”: Notes from a Zambian Mining Town” , by Pradeep Jeganathan, Shiv Nadar University on “TBA”, by Yasmeen Arif,  Delhi School of Economics on “Crime and Punishment in International Law: Humanity as the Final Sovereign”,  by Simona Sawhney, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi on “Bhagat Singh and the Question of the Death Penalty”, and Finally by Shrimoyee Nandini Ghosh and Mir Fatimah Kanth, JKCCS on Occupational Hazard: Militarization and Disaster Vulnerability in Jammu and Kashmir

Report made by the contribution of Joyashree Sarma and Ratan Roy


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