The Flesh and the Bone! – Mostafa Shabuj

The flesh of a flower is beautiful on the very morning

When it is alive and young,

The flesh of a son of bitch is also nice to see

When it does not get adultery.

The flesh of a young woman is always charming

But why the flesh and bone of our old mother is always ugly?

The flesh of burning Sati into the Chitta is fine to the followers of Manusmriti

Yet, the cremation of flesh is righteous to religious Hindu and Buddhists

The flesh and bone of a hurry of “Jannat” are also spellbound!

Talking about prostitution and whore is fine thereof.

Talking about a river of wine is good to Muslims even in the mosque,

When they are lustful and predetermined to go to heaven.

The law is fine when it uses to protect human.

The democracy is fine when it is for people and by the people,

Talking about law and rules is ridiculously-fine when it is a state

But, the law and democracy is ugly when it kills the people.

Hence, the flesh and bone from Nazi’s concentration camp are too ugly!

The flesh of many perpetrators is also good when it is alive

Similarly, the flesh of the executioners is also Ugly and Egalitarian

When it is death.

Mostafa Shabuj is a final year MA Sociology student at South Asian University.


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