Production of Space_Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay

fabric-2642229_1920Perhaps you do agree that we are least concerned or ashamed of our deep rooted corruption, degraded Environment, dirty Politics, poor public work place, non-stop consumption of Social Space. Most of us (Gujarati/Punjabi) of this sub-continent are infected by Culture of Poverty (Oscar Lewis), irrespective of religion/sex, dwells in pavement or apartment. Hopelessness syndrome is one of the prime factors causing our harsh, indecent living. You know the common practice of ours – parenting only by self-procreation (animal instinct/cheap consumerism), deliberately deprive to all our children the basic rights of a dignified living. Force the entire generation survive within a society where quality Space is almost nil. The matter of fact is all of us do nurture Poverty right inside our own home. If freedom is desired sincerely from the very vicious cycle of poverty has to change lifestyle – restrict ourselves from giving birth to any child by any means (discontinue the corruption legacy) till the society improves, co-parenting (adopt) children those are born in extreme poverty, instead. Something needs to begin somewhere to initiate a movement ‘Production of Space’ (Henri Lefebvre) to bring hope/love, participation to take control over the present situation. Decent & efficient Politics would certainly come up.


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