Who Are We?

Rickshaw is a students’ collective at South Asian University, housed in the Department of Sociology and participated by students from across the region of South Asia. It consists of a blog expresssing our epistemological and ontological engagements: fantasies, opinions, critical reflections on issues of macro as well as micro significance. The regional orientation is South Asian, so to say, as we express about social, cultural, political, and economic issues, to name a few. The blog posting is fortnightly. But, how can Rickshaw be so intellectually static and physically docile? So, we peddal our way through concrete spaces and execute some enticing events too, such as conversation with distinguished personalities, debates in tangible time and space, festivities and celebrations of our existence in the university, and name it.

Together we pull this Rickshaw and we invite you to be a part of it. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

The Editorial Team (2014-15)

Ratan Kumar Roy, MPhil/PhD, 1st year, Bangladeshi

Srimal Fernando, MPhil/PhD 1st year, Sri Lankan

Joyashree Sarma, MPhil/PhD 1st year, Indian

Utkarsh Dixit, 1st year, Indian

Aditya Arya, 1st year, Indian


Dr. Dev Pathak

Guidelines for Submission

This style guide has been prepared with an intention to help the contributors of our blog
“Rickshaw: A Students’ Collective” and to reduce confusions about the style (we use in our blog).
The style manual only includes important and necessary information and guidelines of style.
1. All submissions should be in soft copy (MS Word version).
2. The body text of all submissions should be double-spaced with one-inch margins.
3. Use “Calibri (body)” font for each submission with a font size of 10. Texts should be
4. Provide title and author information (not more than 3 sentences), including email
address, on a separate title page.
5. Repeat title at the top of each page of the manuscript, aligned to the left margin, and page
numbers aligned to the right margin.
6. The title of the contribution should be bold and CAPITALIZED, and author’s name
should be kept below the title (bold and left aligned).
7. Bold the first heading and Italicize the second heading or sub-heading (if there is any).
8. Word limits for each contribution is different, based on the genre of submission:
Essays on Topical Issues: 500–700 words (only in English).
Short Stories: 700–1000 words (only in English).
Opinions/Debates: 250 words (only in English).
Poems: no word limits, but should not exceed a page. Contribution in native language is accepted with a translation.
Review Reports (of films/seminars/lectures/exhibitions/festivals, et cetera): 300– 400 words (only in English).
Photo Features: Maximum of five photos can be submitted. Photos should be of high resolution and contain captions along with a short write-up of 100 words (only in English).
Catchline (inspirational quotes/witty one liners/progressive slogans, et cetera): 30–50 words (translation required if in native language).

Contact Details


  1. I have read almost all the articles and would like to congratulate the editors and all other members of the RICKSHAW for the wonderful efforts put in by them. It was so good to find that i have never known each one individually but the kind of bond we share is so inexplicably and intricately woven into one thread called INDIA where we (all thanks to the internet) share our beliefs, ideas and expressions. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Devika;
    I am impressed. was having doubts as to whether SAU was a good choice over Dee School- JNU – DU
    Reading the Rick makes me feel good and i think the place has a future
    Best Wishes
    Col(Retired) Tapesh Sen

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