Death of A Song – Ankur Dang

Music, as thy memory,
Echoes in my heart….
Roses dried and dead….
Spines like aimed darts….
The merry world around me,
Crumbles away into dust….
The last of the wine of love,
The last of the words of trust….
My eyes are closed and hands open,
What have I left but a memory of love…
And that, which we built together,
Now away it has flown, to the skies above…
They say thy eyes see all and none….
Can thee see my soul, now dead?
Can thee see what thy lose has done?
And  my blood, no longer red….
Will there be back to soothe my ache?
They say I’m hurt and time shall heal,
But what when a part of me is dead….
And nothing I see and nothing I feel….
I shall not bother thee anymore,
I prayed each day for thy pain to cease….
I shall be gone forever more,
And in death I know, I will find my peace…
Ankur Dang is a Masters 2nd Year Student in International Relations, SAU

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